The extensive research on project Manager competencies

The above file has been provided for anyone interested in the extensive research on project manager competencies. The citations are in Mendeley format to save researchers the effort of typing them all again. A summary table without the bibliography is also provided below. Competency Researcher Leadership (Müller and Turner, 2010; Stevenson and Starkweather, 2010; Chipulu …

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Soft-skills is the key

In a guest blog I discuss the importance of soft-skills for project management and invite readers to participate in research contributing to the development of a tool to assess soft-skills required for project success. Our conception of a project is probably flawed. I came across Figure 1 in a project management textbook and thought to …

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Which project management certification is best?

Identifying the project manager competencies and certifications that lead to higher project success rates. For many people, the project management profession is strongly associated with the professional certifications: PRINCE2 and PMP. However, there have been three independent studies that have found these project management certifications do NOT lead to higher success rates [1]–[3]. As educators, …

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The inaugural meeting of a new Community-of-Practice was held online on 20 October 2021 ( The objective of the CoP is to expose members to the most promising new directions for better project performance. The CoP is necessary because industry practice in project management seldom goes beyond certification in PRINCE2 or PMP. This is not …

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Which certification is best … PMP or PRINCE2…?

If you want to be a better project manager, the answer is that neither certification is good enough! In 2011, Starkweather and Stevenson compared PMP certified project managers and uncertified project managers in North America. They found “there was no difference in project success rates”. Cantania et al (2013) found the same thing two years …

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