Leadership Courses
For Project Managers


  • SMO402 Business Leadership
  • 0910222 Leadership and Transparency on Projects
  • ME26073 Leadership

-4040137 Leadership and Leadership of art

Negotiation and leadership


  • BMAN72262: Megaproject Leadership and Strategy (OPS MAN/MIoDP)
  • BSM202: Project Leadership, Teams and Behaviours (PM/QM, strong)
  • Project Leadership and Communications (PM)
  • Leading and Managing Project Teams (PM)

  • Digital Leadership Transformation (PM/OSCM)

  • BN4430: Project Team and Leadership Development (PM/CPM)

  • M134LON: People Management and Cross-Cultural Leadership (IPM)

  • 7030SSL: International Leadership and Ma

  • Leadership & Team Development (PM/SPM)

  • MN6072/MN6932: Project Leadership & Governance (PM/P&PM)
  • Leadership & Project Team Management (PM)
  • Leadership Skills for Projects (P&PM&BD)

North America

  • MGT 612 Leader Development
  • LDR 6100 Developing Your Leadership Capability
  • DNSC 6247 Organization, Management, and Leadership
  • HBD6776 Leadership Theories Practice