What are the competencies project managers need to be successful? The conventional answer is PRINCE2 or PMBOK. Research suggests these technical certifications are helpful, but they are not sufficient for success (Catanio et al., 2013; Joseph and Marnewick, 2018; Starkweather and Stevenson, 2011). Once a project manager has achieved an entry-level of knowledge, more [technical] knowledge does NOT make them more competent (Crawford, 2005). For medium to high complexity projects: leadership and people skills are more important (Turner and Muller, 2006). The International Project Management Association (IPMA) have recognised this and developed their Individual Competence Baseline (ICB4.0) to build on the work of Professor Peter Morris from University College London (Morris, 2001).

We in turn have improved the ICB4.0 and developed the Project Management Competency Assessment Tool (PM-CAT) to incorporate the most recent research and more quickly help project managers to identify their technical, people or organisational weaknesses. PM-CAT is a self-driven survey tool that can be completed by you in 15-30 minutes.

The results of PM-CAT are collated and presented in the report below. Users should compare their results with other groups or a reference population to identify which skills they need to focus on to be more effective as a project manager. Users can refer to our Education page to find suitable courses from leading universities around the world to develop their areas of weakness.


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