Teamwork Courses
For Project Managers


  • SMO408 Organisational Behaviour and People Management
  • Leadership Development Programme (LDP) – team building and simulations
  • 4040140 Outward bound training(团队合作拓展训练) 


  • BSM202:Project Leadership, Teams and Behaviours (PM/QM)
  • CNMN008W:Developing Effective Project Teams (CCM/PM)
  • Managing Project Teams (PM)
  • Leading Project Teams (PM)
  • Leading and Managing Project Teams (PM)
  • BN4430: Project Team & Leadership Development (PM/CPM)
  • KB7036: People in Project Management (CPM/PM)

  • Leading People and Teams (PPM)

  • Leadership & Team Development (PM/SPM)
  • Leadership skills and team (PM)

North America

  • BUMO767
    Cross-Cultural Communication and Teamworks
  • QST MS 744 People, Teams, and Organizations